North 2013

Cholesterol submarines and yellow rain

Wald in Analamazaotra

Today also starts with a zebu sandwich, lovingly called Cholesterol Submarine. Every day could start this way! Anto, Andrea and I drive with Patrice and Daddy to the Analamazaotra National Park. There is a big parking lot in front of the park entrance, and the one or other French tourist seems to have lost his way here, too. A small museum and a toilet house, that’s it. Nevertheless, one has to register. Practically, right in front of the entrance, there is already a Calumma brevicorne female, one that gets very excited about us. Continue reading →

North 2013

A paradise for chameleons

Pantherchamäleon in Vohimana

The day begins at 5:30, the cock from the neighboring village crows long and persistently. Some dog barks its soul out of its body – as I learn later, it is not only a dog, but also a group of quarreling lemurs. Everything sticks. I already have more mosquito bites than I consider healthy. Despite the mosquito net, but I didn’t quite understand its technique anyway. Continue reading →

North 2013

My first day in Madagascar

Der erste Eindruck von Madagaskar

The flight sucked. Luckily I had two seats instead of one and even sat at the window, but unfortunately also directly above the turbines. During the 11 h flight with Air Austral, there was no real sleep. Never again a long-distance flight like that! During the landing on Réunion, I got really sick. The first step outside… I run into a warm, damp wall. Continue reading →