North 2013

Between the Tsingys

Die Tsingys von Ankarana

I’m dog-tired. The annoying muezzin, the air conditioning that has to be turned back on, the countless blackouts… and it’s not just me. Most of the group are about to fall asleep. I’d like to sleep on the floor. Continue reading →

North 2013

Of kath zombies and a muezzin

Goldstaub-Taggecko in meinem leeren Cocktailglas

The spider is – to my great relief – not detectable in the morning. I deliberately did not light up the ceiling and I did not look under the bed. Since I’m up early anyway, I get up directly and sort my whole backpack apart with pointy fingers. It would be even creepier if I could carry such an eight-legged souvenir around with me! Continue reading →